7/15/18 Staying Still

At this year’s dream conference.  I went to a class called “Nature Dreaming”.  Keith Salmon was the presenter.  He showed videos and still photos of nature and narrated how everything is connected.  At the end he sang for us.  It was the most moving presentation I have ever been to.

Keith says to be still and observe nature.  I have been asking for guidance and then walking.  I photograph an image that “speaks” to me and then look at it as if it were a dream image.  I decided to experiment with going to a place in nature that looks inviting to me and be still and see what presents itself to me.

I went for a kayak ride on Sunday.  I found a small bay that I liked and meditated.  When I opened my eyes, this is what I noticed:  weeds that were reflected on the water as well as refracted when they went into the water, a large school of minnows with one minnow going off on its own,  two pools of insects on the surface of the water.  It looked like they were having a feeding frenzy.  On the way back I saw and came close to a large blue heron on a branch over the water.  It stayed there for quite some time. Seeing the heron was the most impactful  experience for me.

Some symbology of the heron:  has the ability to progress and evolve.  It is self-determined  and self-reliant.  They co-create their own circumstances.  They are the spiritual guardians of the nature lover’s soul.  The heron is shrewd, intelligent, resourceful and determined.  It is at home in the water, earth and air. (diversity).  It makes easy transitions and is comfortable in the liminality (neither here, nor there).  It is patient and solitary.

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