7/18/18 Morning Meditation on the Lake

I went out in my kayak again this morning and meditated.  On the way to a spot to just let the kayak float I passed an eagle in a tree.  It seemed fine with me passing below it.

After my meditation I opened my eyes and saw sparkling water.

Eagles are the connection to the Divine.  They have the ability to live in the realm of spirit and yet remain connected and balanced within the realm of Earth. Eagles represent a completion of the tests of initiation which result in the taking of one’s personal power. There is a need to conquer fear and be willing to join in the adventure to co-create with the Divine. There is a need to reconnect with the element of Air; the higher mind/wisdom.

Then there is the element of water.  Maybe I need to be like water and be fluid in order to conquer fear and co-create with the Divine.

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