7/22/18 Clouds Sailing Past the Sun

This morning I went out in my kayak and meditated.  On my paddle to a place that felt inviting I saw a turtle’s head poke  above the surface of the water and then quickly duck under again.  It reminded me of growing up at Shady Oak with its pond behind the house.  My siblings and I spent hours in the canoe capturing turtles.

I paddled close to the shore with a grouping of three trees.  There were reeds in the shallow water.  I let myself drift knowing the reeds would slow my forward movement.

After meditation, I sat still and waited to see what would grab my attention.  I looked behind me and saw the sun with clouds swiftly moving by, sometimes obscuring it completely and sometimes allowing its round shape and light to show through.

I thought about duality.  How it is important to have both sunny and cloudy days so that I could appreciate both of them. My cousin in Tucson just loves rainy days!  I also thought that this holds true with my moods.  I need some sad, vulnerable feeling, out of sorts days in order to appreciate the days where I feel everything is going my way.

                     Yin and Yang

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