8/10/18 Elements and A Family of Loons

I found a place near the shore that felt comfortable and let my kayak drift.  I practiced chanting the vibrations of the chakras:  A,A, E, I, O, U.   When I opened my eyes, I saw the shore with the water, rocks, trees and a yellow flower.  To me if felt “balanced”.

As I was starting to paddle home, I heard and saw the loon family:  the mother, father and the two “teenage” children.  The mother was close to the children and the father was a bit farther away, guarding the area.  The children were diving down into the water over and over again.  It was a happy scene.

I felt at peace and to me both images gave me the feeling of balance in my life.  I had had a “good” row with my husband the night before.  It cleared the air for both of us.  I have read many books on relationships and how to “do” conflict.  Our fight would have broken most of the suggestions written.  For me, my “niceness” needed a little “bitch”  to balance my psyche!



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