8/8/16 How do I balance sharing my authentic self and keeping secret/sacred things safe?

Background:  Worked on “Killing the Witnesses” dream.  In the dream my male part has gone way overboard re privacy and security.  In the dream, I am with family of origin members.  Something is triggered for me related to family.  The dream seems to be working on balance:  the building is half cement and half wood, it is half a home and half for work,  it is half in the water and half on land.  This male part is killing off people who work for me so on one will know anything about me.

Symbol:  seeds/thistle  Some meanings:  pain, protection, pride.  Thistles grow where other plants don’t (a survivor).  Thistles were a dish of the poor. An enlightened person who has gained their crown.  Seeds are new beginnings.

Insights:  Maybe this dream has to do with over compensation for growing up in my family where I needed protection.  Maybe now I am more enlightened and not so influenced by my family.  I need to be aware of being too self-protective, too private with others, but at the same time don’t throw my pearls to swine!


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