8/21/16 Do I fear being “present”?

Background:  Still doing some emotional eating. Symbol:  Cone Flower in the light.  A Cone flower has many medicinal qualities.  It strengthens the immune system. It also symbolizes strength.  The cone flower is from the Daisy family.  Daisies represent simplicity, innocence, patience, purity and loyal love. Insights:  There may be some nutrient that I am craving … [Read more…]

6/18/16 How do I let go of my Fear?

A couple of nights ago I dreamed about a bear circling my bed.  I was very frightened.  I sprinkled red powder around the bed.  I then stood on the bed and sprinkled some more.  I was scared of the bear and wanted it to go away. I may be afraid of going into my unconscious. … [Read more…]

5/9/2016 Should I join the Art League?

Background:  I talked to a person at the art league to see if my whole photography group could join the group as a group.  She said that each person has to join individually and to pay individually for the art show.  I realized that not many from my group would do that.  So, the original … [Read more…]

4/30/16 Show Me What I Most Need to Know

Background:  I was grumpy at Paul last night for not being who I want him to be!  I am really angry at myself for not being who I want to be.  We went on a walk with the North Country Trail Group. Symbol(s):  a wooden piece on the trail that looks like a headless woman … [Read more…]

Last Part of April, 2016 How can I Embrace this and other transitions in life without the anxiety that holds me back and makes me feel depressed?

Background:  I have a difficult time with the transitions from Fall to Winter and from Spring into Summer. I struggle with depression.  I do take more vitamin D3, meditate, sit under a full spectrum light, exercise,etc.  It is still a struggle.  I am combining a couple of images here from this time. Symbols:  clouds and … [Read more…]