10/30/18 The Bumble Bee

The Dreamsters had a retreat at the end of October.  One of the activities was to do a “Forest Bathing.”.  We all went outside and found a “sit spot”, a place that felt comfortable for us to sit.  We meditated and then opened our eyes and were open to what came to us visually, sound … [Read more…]

8/10/18 Elements and A Family of Loons

I found a place near the shore that felt comfortable and let my kayak drift.  I practiced chanting the vibrations of the chakras:  A,A, E, I, O, U.   When I opened my eyes, I saw the shore with the water, rocks, trees and a yellow flower.  To me if felt “balanced”. As I was … [Read more…]

7/29/18 The Cedar Tree and Reflections

On my morning kayak paddle and meditation what caught my eye was a cedar tree and a reflection in the water.  What comes to mind first of all is the color, green, which they both are.  The heart chakra, healing, my favorite color?   The cedar tree has been revered for its spiritual significance for … [Read more…]

7/22/18 Clouds Sailing Past the Sun

This morning I went out in my kayak and meditated.  On my paddle to a place that felt inviting I saw a turtle’s head poke  above the surface of the water and then quickly duck under again.  It reminded me of growing up at Shady Oak with its pond behind the house.  My siblings and … [Read more…]

7/18/18 Morning Meditation on the Lake

I went out in my kayak again this morning and meditated.  On the way to a spot to just let the kayak float I passed an eagle in a tree.  It seemed fine with me passing below it. After my meditation I opened my eyes and saw sparkling water. Eagles are the connection to the … [Read more…]

7/15/18 Staying Still

At this year’s dream conference.  I went to a class called “Nature Dreaming”.  Keith Salmon was the presenter.  He showed videos and still photos of nature and narrated how everything is connected.  At the end he sang for us.  It was the most moving presentation I have ever been to. Keith says to be still … [Read more…]

8/21/16 Do I fear being “present”?

Background:  Still doing some emotional eating. Symbol:  Cone Flower in the light.  A Cone flower has many medicinal qualities.  It strengthens the immune system. It also symbolizes strength.  The cone flower is from the Daisy family.  Daisies represent simplicity, innocence, patience, purity and loyal love. Insights:  There may be some nutrient that I am craving … [Read more…]