6/18/16 How do I let go of my Fear?

A couple of nights ago I dreamed about a bear circling my bed.  I was very frightened.  I sprinkled red powder around the bed.  I then stood on the bed and sprinkled some more.  I was scared of the bear and wanted it to go away. I may be afraid of going into my unconscious. … [Read more…]

5/9/2016 Should I join the Art League?

Background:  I talked to a person at the art league to see if my whole photography group could join the group as a group.  She said that each person has to join individually and to pay individually for the art show.  I realized that not many from my group would do that.  So, the original … [Read more…]

4/30/16 Show Me What I Most Need to Know

Background:  I was grumpy at Paul last night for not being who I want him to be!  I am really angry at myself for not being who I want to be.  We went on a walk with the North Country Trail Group. Symbol(s):  a wooden piece on the trail that looks like a headless woman … [Read more…]

Last Part of April, 2016 How can I Embrace this and other transitions in life without the anxiety that holds me back and makes me feel depressed?

Background:  I have a difficult time with the transitions from Fall to Winter and from Spring into Summer. I struggle with depression.  I do take more vitamin D3, meditate, sit under a full spectrum light, exercise,etc.  It is still a struggle.  I am combining a couple of images here from this time. Symbols:  clouds and … [Read more…]