12/8/15 Should I put in a proposal for my Incubating workshop?

photo:  Four horseshoes.  Good luck .  Four stability, completion.  It seems like a good omen.  However, I have decided not to put in a proposal.  I will be volunteering and presenting in a symposium. That is enough.  Maybe the horseshoes are telling me I need to have more stability, not create chaos.  

12/4/14 How do I tap into that ” Toddler stance” of curiosity, adventure and astonishment and make it my main focus?

Inquiry:  Shoulder blades, tense, black square, made of metal, dull, They are attached with bolts.  The feeling is having to be responsible for others.  Went back to mid thirties.  I felt I was the main bread winner.  I felt tired, angry, resentful, stuck, rebellious. There is a fear that I need to feel this way … [Read more…]

11/24/15 How do I own My power and be authentic?

I did Geneen Roth’s Inquiry Method.  I felt a tightness in my throat. Tight, black twists (like narrow springs).  A few of them.  Brings back 10 year old self that needs protection.  Somehow this tightening is a protection from others, from being singled out and put down.  I was in fourth grade. I had Mrs. … [Read more…]

11/21/15 Show Me What I Need to Know

Trying Robert Moss’ idea of taking photos of what attracts me and then making up a story. I walked with Sammi on a route where we usually go over a bridge that spans a boat harbor.  However, when we got there there was a gate put up for the winter and we couldn’t cross.  We … [Read more…]

11/17/15 What do I Need to Know?

Idea from Robert Moss’ Book, Sidewalk Oracles.  Take multiple photos (or notice multiple oracles) and make up a story with them. The photos are:  drops of water on dogwood and on a pine branch, top of a birch tree that had fallen down, old birch tree stump with pieces of bark hanging on, dead ferns … [Read more…]