9/18/15 What new perspective would help me?

Background:Went through a short depression.  It lifted today. Question: What new perspective would help me? Symbol:“Knot” in tree. Meaning: Entrance to the inside. Insight:During meditation, I experienced going into the tree through the knot of the tree I photographed yesterday.  I decided to go to the leaves first and felt the warmth of the sun … [Read more…]

11/1/15 What would help me move through fear?

Background:I have been overeating and eating sweets and junk food.  It feels like I am afraid of something and I hide in passivity and eating. Question:What would help me move through fear? Symbol:Cedar tree Meaning: When I asked my question, the answer from the cedar tree was:  Face it! Meaning of Cedar Trees:Healing, cleansing and … [Read more…]

10/3/15 What is my direction/focus now?

Background: I am trying to find my place here in Walker.  Feeling disappointed when things don’t work out (community education classes canceled, etc.) Question: What is my direction/focus right now.  How do I let go of taking it personally when things don’t work out? Symbol: Two old, broken down stumps of trees still standing. Meaning: (asked the stumps … [Read more…]

9/6/15 What do you have to show or tell me?

Background: Nothing is pressing so I am asking for what I do need to know. Question: What do you have to show or tell me? Symbol: Two pine trees. Meaning: creativity, peace, harmony. Two?  Double it? Insight: I need to focus on creativity, peace and harmony and not things that I have no control over!

9/4/15 Incubation: How do I Get Into my Body?

Background: I have been asked to organize the Mental Imagery symposium for next year’s IASD conference.  I am anxious about this.   Question:  How do I “get into my body”-grounded and out of my obsessive thoughts? Symbol: (2)  Mushroom and a snake. Meaning: Mushroom:  (poison) getting rid of negative influences.  Also virility.  Snake:  change. Insight:  I … [Read more…]

Waking Life Incubation 7/24/15

Background:  Became very angry that a member of my dream group whose dream it was canceled at the last minute and then the group was canceled.  I needed to redo schedule and the rest of the group felt she should be the dreamer the next time. Question:  What do I need to do/accept/change so I … [Read more…]