9/27/15 Face Skin and the Shrine

A man has the skin on his face (main area around his eyes and nose) removed and brings it to the doctor to be used for his girlfriend who lost her skin (same place).  I am not sure how this happened. His face looks okay, but is covered with artificial skin. I go to a … [Read more…]

9/17/15 Wounded Arms (two dreams)

 I am in a small house/tent.  I am alone.  Evening comes.  I get wounded in my arm.  A friend comes to take me to the doctor.  I look for a gun to defend myself, but cannot find one. Later, the house/tent catches on fire.  There are others around.  We pull out as much as we … [Read more…]

The Sting Operation 9/12/15

I am in a small restaurant in a mall (place to eat food once you buy it).  A woman named Maureen is sitting at a table close to where I am sitting.  No one else is there in the small room.  (small round tables).  She is around 50 years old and easy to talk with. … [Read more…]

Kevin Falls Off The Dock 9/2/15

Kevin is around eight years old.  Paul, Kevin, Sammi and I are at the lake (not ours). We are up high at first on a bridge or a high dock (pier).  We throw sticks for Sammi to fetch which she does. (doesn’t do this in waking life) Then the dock is normal-down close to the … [Read more…]

Cruel Boyfriend 8/30/15

I am on a ski trip.  I am in a room with a friend and her boyfriend.  He is very abusive.  He acts normal/nice and then all of a sudden hits her.  For instance there is a bowl of Tootsie Rolls on the bed.  She spills them and they get mixed up with the drugs … [Read more…]