Meeting My Mentor 8/12/15

I am with Denise, Dan and another man who is tall, quiet, and intelligent.  We are at an university. We get onto this open-air bus.  Lots of students get on the bus with us.  The four of us get off close to this creek.  It looks man made.  The banks are made of sand and … [Read more…]

Kelsi’s Fairy 8/2/15

Kelsi is in high school. I go with her to pick up her sculpture from art class. She is not continuing in school.  She looks older than high school age. The sculpture is wrapped up in an opaque bag, but I can see it well enough.  It is a fairy-very detailed like her drawings. Kelsi … [Read more…]

A Woman Escapes 7/20/15

A woman is tied up in this room in an office building.  She is on trial for something.  I am a man and her lawyer.  I am to present her case.  I am organized.  I go over my notes.  It is some mathematical formula. I am in the same room as the woman. I go … [Read more…]

Rising Snakes 6/28/15

I open up this metal “grate”.  I am outside of a building.  I look under the grate.  It is a hole with some dirt and some concrete in it.  I see snakes.  I move back.  The snakes start rising up, vertically from the hole. There are about 7 of them. They are colorful and have heads … [Read more…]

Comfortable in Old Clothes 6/20/15

I am at a workshop with someone.  We like the man and woman speaking but are not inspired by the message/subject. (next scene) I am in this man-made pit.  It is like a square basement open to the outside on top.  It is full of clothes about 1/5 full.  I am folding them.  A young … [Read more…]