The Cruel Man 6/6/15

There is a man who lives next door to me with his wife.  They are a young couple.  His last name is Reed.  His father is the coach.  The young man is mean to his wife.  He has a cruel, angry streak.  I call him out on this once.  He has it in for me. … [Read more…]

Rape 6/1/15

I am staying at Kathleen Johnson’s house. (I do dream work with Kathleen on Skype).  She has had new taupe wall paper hung.  There is a nice man who put it up.  In the light I can see some areas with bulges.  I say “You can’t have it perfect.  The walls are not perfect underneath. … [Read more…]

In Love 5/12/15

I see three horses coming towards me on a country road.  I am nervous.  They are trotting fairly fast. When they get close, a man is there and holds two of the horses. He has ahold of their bridles.  Their backsides are facing me.  They are frisky. Then this black horse comes toward me.  He … [Read more…]

Pink Glasses 4/10/15

I am at a large house. It isn’t mine. There is a baby girl there. She is very sweet and doesn’t fuss at all! I realize she needs to have her diapers changed and needs glasses. I change her and put these small, pink glasses on her. We are in a bedroom. We sleep together. … [Read more…]

Shady Oak 3/21/15

1.  Paul and I are at Shady Oak.  He is outside working on some project.  I am inside. There is a pond, small lake int he front of the house (in waking life there is a pond in the back of the house).  I have swam, gotten wet, earlier in it.  Now I wear a … [Read more…]

Finding Abandoned Baby Boy 3/11/15

Paul and I find a baby boy in the basement of our new home.  He is under the work bench in the storage room.  I pull him out.  He has a black “tail” that looks like feathers coming from his body.  He is about 5-6 months old.  This tail is also an umbilical cord that … [Read more…]

The Moose will be Back 1/9/15

I am living in a row type house in a city with stairs going up.  I have been away.  When I come back I notice my hanging flowers (outside) are dry and have shit in them.  Kelsi was to water them.  I talk to a woman inside.  She lives there also or “baby sat”.  Kelsi … [Read more…]