12/15/18 At A Dream Conference with Dan, Jill, Kelsi and Lou, Waxing Gibbous, Pisces

I am at a dream conference with Dan, Jill, Kelsi and Lou.

There is a nice scene where I put my head on Lou’s shoulder.  He has two pieces of art in the show.  a woman projects them on a screen and then animates them.  It is abstract and one image looks like a bird.  The two are combined when they are animated.  It is very cool.

Dan has a friend from New York.  Dan talks to him about finding a girlfriend.  I feel like I am eavesdropping.  I also am single and wonder if we would click.

Next Scene:  I am in a small, pontoon boat.  I go and pick up Kelsi.  The boat is in shallow water.  I use my hands to paddle to Kelsi.  I pick her up.  Jill is there.  I hug her and say goodbye.  It is at the end of the conference.  She lives in New York all by herself now.  We met at the Dairy Queen to say goodbye.

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