1/22/19 Evil Man, Waning Gibbous, Leo

I awoke at 5:30 a.m. with this nightmare:  There is a man who kills a family who are friends of mine. He is evil.  He has a sidekick,(a man)  I get ready to leave.  I am in his house in a neighborhood.  I have my mother’s white, mink coat.  I go away from it to go to the bathroom.  When I come back it is gone.

I just go next door and ask for help.  I tell them about the evil man and to keep their doors locked.  A group of women live there.  There are about four to five of them;  some are old, some young and some in between.  They don’t worry about the evil man.  They fall for his charms.

I fake that I am taking a shower and leave.

Feeling:  very scared

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