1/8/19 Terrorists Explode the Water Works Building, Waxing Crescent, Aquarius

I am by myself.  I am sleeping on a bench across from an old water works building.  It is evening.  The building looks like it is in Europe.  It is grey with a sculptured front. I am finally far away from it.

The terrorists know I am in my corner.  Then someone gives me the message they know I am there and have not attacked me yet.

An explosive hits the building and water flies all over.

Then a man comes and gets me.  I grab some of my things and he grabs the rest.  We go to this building perpendicular to the water works building.  We go to where these other women are. He leaves.

These women are women I have worked with from Plymouth Creek Elementary.  There are 5-7.  The only one I recognize is Katie Buss.  Her mother is there.  She doesn’t look very old.  Katie says she is religious and is going to church and is not involved with getting rid of the terrorists.  The other women are just hanging out.

I ask Katie about her new baby girl.  She doesn’t have a picture.  Her three year old son is there.  He is delightful.

I am glad to be out of the line of fire and in the room with the other women.  I ask what the plan is.  

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