1/9/19 A Women Attached to a Machine to Breathe, Waxing Crescent. Aquarius

I am with two women.  We go and visit a third woman.  She lives in a building on the ground floor in a city.  She lives in a large room with floor to ceiling windows on three sides.  She has a rare disease where she has to be connected to a machine 24-7.  I think it is to be able to breathe.

When we come she disconnects herself to talk.  She is very cordial. We talk.  I find out she went to a school close to Sacred Heart in Lake Forest.

I visualize (am really there) her swimming as a young girl with other girls.  They are swimming laps.  I call her name to see which one she is.

Back to first time.  One of the women gives me some gum to chew.  We keep it hidden because we know the woman cannot have any.

Feeling:  curious, happy.  I am impressed with the woman and how positive she is.  

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