2/6/19 Gold, Satin Dress that costs $1000 or $300, Waxing Crescent, Pisces

I am on a journey.  I start off with two others.  We find a trail through Plymouth.  There is snow on it.  We can move fast (on something like a sled?).

We stop for the night at a hotel. There are a lot of people.  Now I am with Dan and Edi.  Dan gets these two dresses for Edi and me.  They are satin and a gold color.  We will wear them the next day.

The setting is now the Shady Oak house.  I look into Molly’s room.  It is located where Mom and Dad’s room was.  The bed is made.  I am thinking I will sleep here but realize Molly would not like it.  I go to Becky and Sheila’s old room.  There are two beds in there.  I ask Dan if I can sleep there.  He says yes.

Edi was in a room across from Molly’s.  She then comes where Dan is.

The next day we check in with a woman.  Something to do with me saying I started in July not August.  It is related to what time I am on.  I put August down because it is August now but I need to change it to July because that is when I started. Now I am with a team.

I get my stuff.  Dan leaves down a hallway.  It is kind of like a race.

When we stop again I look at the price tag of the dress.  It is over $1000! On the other side of the tag it says $300.  This freaks me out.  I talk to Dan and Edi about it.  I plan to return my dress.

At the end of the dream I am holding a man’s hand.  The man is already with someone.  I ride in his old, vintage car with him.  I ask him when he got it.  He says in high school from Cuba.  It is turquoise.  It is a sweet feeling.

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