2/7/19 Kathy Burkle Dies, Waxing Crescent, Pisces

Kathy Burkle dies but stays around for a few days.  Kathy and I are by a forest where these humming birds change into young girls.  She “catches” one.

There is a man who lives in the woods.  He has two fire places side by side.  He is making a fire.  He also has cleaned things up that were in front of his fireplaces.  I see all the junk  “pulled back” from the fireplaces.  I see smoke and am a bit worried at first but then realize it is okay.

Kathy and I are to go for a walk at night and I realize she looks tired.  I ask if she wants to go (pass over) the next day.  She says yes.  I ask her if it is hard to “wake up” every morning.  She says yes.  She will cross over the next day.  I ask her to somehow send me word on what it is like.

Note:  Something about taking a photo at the beginning of the dream.  There is a plain background to be used for a self portrait.  Kathy is dong this.  There is also a scene where I am or Kathy is stretching a bra at the edge of the background.

Day Notes:  I just briefly talked with Kathy on the phone.  I finished a book where a woman is put to death at the end of the book.  (Burial Rites).  And a friend keeps talking about her demise.  She has cancer.

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